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Professional 5 in 1 electric manicure & pedicure system

  • $ 1999

This Pedicure/Manicure kit is an effortless, all-in-one professional hands and fingernails care and pedicure station. The nail filing set is the perfect completing touch for nails after a beauty care or pedicure. It features 5 attachment tips with powerful high rotation speed that can give attractive results. This all in one kit comes with a storage cradle base to help organize all 5 tips and conveniently standing the pedicure/manicure tool in place. The storage cradle base is also equipped with a UV light underneath to help dry your nails after polishing. With its lightweight sleek design, it takes away the hassle while traveling.


  • Include 5 attachment tips (Sandpaper shaper, Corundum Shaping Cone, Cylinder Shaper Sapphire Smoothing Cone, Polishing Felt Cone)
  • Equipped with UV light for quick drying after polishing
  • Kit include storage cradle base to help organize and standing pedicure/manicure tool in place
  • Powerful high rotation speed to make your pedicure and manicure effortless
  • The manicure/pedicure tool Requires 2 AAA and the storage cradle base includes 3LR44 Button cell