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Arospa Harmony Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

  • $ 3999

Prepare to engage yourself into a world of relaxation with the Arospa Harmony diffuser. Featuring a unique design that makes any space amusing. The Arospa Harmony Diffuser creates a soothing ambiance of scent and light so you can enjoy the full benefit of relaxation. The quiet operation gives you a soothing environment with fresh air without disturbing your work or sleep.  Ease your stress with the mixture of aromatherapy and colorful mood light which enables you to add sophistication and intrigue to your room's atmosphere.


  • Arospa Harmony Diffuser features a colorful mood light that gently switches between attractive spectrums of colors that can be adjusted to stay on a specific color, or switch off.
  • Simply add water with your favorite type of essential oil as the diffuser will immediately disperse a fine mist with millions of essential oil micro particles into the air.
  • 100ml of water capacity that can run for hours giving a perfect amount of time to distribute aroma throughout your home.
  • Once the diffuser is out of water, it will immediately shut down automatically preventing it from overheating.