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Essential Set Well Being

  • $ 3499

Sometimes just dealing with everyday life is enough to leave you feeling stressed. When you just need something to help you relax and take the edge off, the Arospa 100% Pure Essential Oils is a great treatment option. This set includes scents selected specifically for their calming and soothing properties to help lift your mood in a natural way. Breathe in the wonderful calming aroma and you'll be feeling relaxed again in no time.
• Includes 6 bottles of essential oil 10/ml each
• These scents can be used for uplifting mood, fighting off depression, easing stress levels and lowering anxiety
• Good for Aroma Diffuser, Massage, and Daily use
• External use only
•100% pure high-grade aromatherapy essential oils with natural fragrance extraction. 
  • Tuberose -- Relaxing
  • Lavender -- Sleep Well
  • Bergamot -- Anti Oily Skin
  • Tangerine -- Immune Booster
  • Peppermint -- Relieve Allergies And Headache
  • Eucalyptus -- Prevent Cold