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Arospa Electric Car/Indoor Diffuser (Black)

  • $ 4499

This bottle shape Arospa Car Diffuser fits directly into your cup holder as it serves two purposes. Make yourself feel like home with Aroma therapy as it also acts like a humidifier in your vehicle. Just pick out your favorite essential oil scent that can help engage your mood. Not only that this diffuser can be used in your vehicle, but it can also be used at home or your office. The simplicity of this diffuser provides simple functions by setting the mist level from low to high or activating a 20 second interval. The diffuser produces mist using the ultrasonic technology by harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations with only two simple ingredients; water and essential oil. You can finally take the aroma with you everywhere you go!


  • Includes 2 power cord for 12V car adapter and standard home plug in adapter

  • Universal fit for any vehicle cup holder

  • Two Functions: Low & High mist level setting / 20 seconds On & Off interval mist setting

  • Non-toxic ingredients with use of essential oil


  • Long lasting scent for hours


  • Automatic shut off technology
  • Anti-rust material